My mission is to reduce stress, increase health and wellbeing, and improve the quality of relationships. I offer mindfulness-informed individual, group and leadership coaching, trainings and workshops, in addition to writing, and research using the latest findings from applied neuroscience, psychophysiology, psychology and contemplative science.

Through understanding how your mind, brain and body processes stress and using simple and effective mindfulness tools, I work with you to diffuse stress and increase awareness, attention, effective communication and compassion to improve your life and your relationships.

BREATHE: 7 Skills for Mindful Relationships

Powerful, Practical Tools to Transform Your Life

Chronic stress hijacks our brains, leaving us less able to think, plan, communicate effectively or be productive. Based on decades of applied neuroscience, psychophysiology and cognitive behavioral research, the BREATHE: 7 Essential Skills Program provides simple tools, practices and experien-tial opportunities to relieve stress, and cultivate greater attention, awareness, and communication effectiveness.  

Watch Dr. Bullock’s recent interview with YogaU Online explaining why we need to create more mindful, compassionate relationships in our homes, communities and our world.

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BREATHE workshops for individuals, couples, leaders and organizations run from 1/2 day to 2 1/2 day events. Learn about upcoming workshops or request your own BREATHE workshop or consultation.

Coaching for Individuals, Couples, Groups or Organizations

Dr. Bullock works with a select group of individuals, couples, and organizations for private BREATHE coaching and leadership consultation.   

How To Create Peace in Your Relationships – an
interview with Dr B Grace Bullock 

We live in a culture of high stress. This takes its toll on our physical and psychological health not to mention our relationships. In interview Grace talks about what to do when our stress begins to get the better of us and how to translate those skills into more compassionate and loving relationships.

Discover how to build healthy 
relationships . An interview with
Dr B Grace Bullock

 Karen Claffey, Founder of Integrated Health Yoga Therapy and I discuss how principles of mindfulness can be used to cultivate heatlhy relationships at home, work, and all other dimensions of our lives.